Eymen Akdemir


Eymen is a Sophomore majoring in Philosophy at Bogazici University in Istanbul. He started playing tennis at age 11.


Eymen moved to the Netherlands when he was 5 years old, where he lived for 10 years and was introduced to tennis. He spent his language prep year at Fudan University in Shanghai.


Eymen currently competes in 18+ Regional and Intercollegiate Tournaments for Bogazici University. He has this to say about MTM:


"Even though I have been playing tennis for many years, I had problems in different aspects of the game, especially in consistency. I could not see any problem in my technique but there was no sufficient output. And every time I was trying to find a solution by thinking about my technique, which created a total mess in my tennis game.


I was searching for a new way to play tennis, and when I first encountered Oscar's videos on YouTube in May 2017 I directly adopted these new ideas. I was totally shocked how easily my game changed regarding the spin I could produce and the control I achieved. I began to understand that the greatest players of all time reached their level not with their body, mind or technique but most of all with their 'spirit within'."


Eymen Akdemir

MTMCA Tennis Apprentice


Istanbul, Turkey



[email protected]


Bogazici University Tennis