Alexander Berghaus


Alex started playing tennis at the age of 9. Almost immediately he was amazed by the challenge this great sport has to offer. As a junior he was a very ambitious player, especially in the 13 to 17 age group, competing in many tournaments with great determination in the West of Germany. Although he didn’t make it to the top junior ranks his love and passion for tennis did not decrease.


At the age of 19 Alex decided to make tennis his profession, and he started to take on tennis coaching at the local country club where he first played.

Alex, now 20, is gaining as much knowledge as possible in different areas of the game such as teaching techniques, mental aspects and fitness training. His search led him to Oscar Wegner and his coaching principles, with which he absolutely agrees becuse he loves the idea of teaching tennis in a more natural, “feel-based” way. Of Oscar's methodology Alex states, "MTM is a very simple approach making teaching and also the learning process much easier because the attention is focused on the main actions and doesn’t get distracted at all. It’s very interesting to see the player’s progressions through it."



Alexander Berghaus

MTMCA Tennis Professional


Naturno, Italy



[email protected]




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