Harold Boulanger


Harold was born in Quebec, Canada and like most in French Canada played hockey in winter and baseball in summer, leaving him little time for tennis. Harold did play a lot of squash and badminton in College. He worked as a Civil Engineer Tech (specializing in the environmental field) in Canada and abroad.


In 2014 Harold moved to Laguna Woods, California to a 55+ community and got involved right away with the Laguna Woods Tennis Club (LWTC), playeing and drilling just about every day with very experienced players who taught him all aspects of the game and gave him the desire to become a Tennis Coach.


Harold remarks, "I'm a big fan of Modern Tennis Methodology, and Oscar Wegner is right went he says 'Tennis is an easy game to play'. Just find the ball, finish your stroke and have fun. Hope to see you soon on the Tennis Court...there is always something to learn about the game of tennis!"


Harold Boulanger

MTMCA Tennis Teacher


Laguna Woods, CA



[email protected]