Fiachra Conneely


Fiachra is a native of Ireland and is a professional tennis coach with over 10 years of coaching experience. He is the senior coach at the largest academy in his country.


As a student of the game Fiachra is always seeking to expand his knowledge to better serve everyone he works with, as a result the MTM approach has seamlessly fitted into his coaching style and has allowed all his players to reach another level at an accelerated rate. (players are expected to improve an entire NTRP point within two terms)


Fiachra finds the main benefit behind MTM to be its ease of implementation and its emphasis on natural movements. Fiachra has had great success in applying this simplistic approach to both beginners and international standard players. Says Fiachra, "MTM is truly an approach for everyone."



Fiachra Conneely

MTM Tennis Professional


Dublin, Ireland



[email protected]




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