Nick Jacques


Nick, originally from Leicester, England, is a development coach who specialises in helping young children on a performance tennis pathway. He has worked in Talent Identification for both the LTA and Wimbledon, and was previously Head Coach of two High Performance academies in the UK.


Nick has developed multiple national champions in both Europe and New Zealand, many who have achieved tennis scholarship’s at major universities, and many who have also gone on to play on the world tour.

Diploma in Personal training Auckland University of Technology
Y.M.C.A Gym Instructor in Personal Training
N.A.S.M level 3 Personal Trainer
Certificate in Advanced Programme Design (C.H.E.K institute)
LTA C.C.A Licensed Coach (level 3)
LTA Coach Educator
C.H.E.K Exercise Coach


About MTM Nick has this to say, "I discovered MTM through very positive social media interaction with Lucile Bosche. I had heard of very positive things about Oscar Wegner so was very interested to check out his work. The “find the ball” concept is a huge part of my current coaching so I was naturally very interested in following. The racquet work has instantly helped my students with control and speed, I’m very excited to be a part of this great programme."


Nick Jacques

MTMCA Tennis Professional


Albany, New Zealand



[email protected]


+64 9 4145530 ext. 708

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