Michele Krause


Michele Krause is the Cardio Tennis Manager working for the Tennis Industry Association (TIA). Cardio Tennis is an engaging, group fitness activity consisting of fast paced tennis drills and games for players of all ability levels providing a full body calorie-burning workout. Michele has overseen the program since its inception in 2005 and today there are, 1.4 million Cardio Tennis participants in the US and the program has spread to over 30 countries.


Michele oversees the entire Cardio Tennis program both in the US and internationally. Her responsibilities include all the day-to-day operations: administration, programming, curriculum, event planning, training and marketing. She manages the TIA Global Cardio Tennis Team which is made up of 25 Trainers who assist her with training, educating and consumer events. She also serves as the coordinator for those countries who are in the process of establishing, launching or continued development of Cardio Tennis.


Speaking at many industry conventions, (PTR, USPTA, IHRSA, ITA, ITF, PBI and USTA) meetings and events to provide ongoing education on the Cardio Tennis program, Michele also trains coaches how to deliver the product through national and international courses. Internationally she has conducted courses in Portugal, the UK, the Caribbean, Ireland, Poland, Greece and Canada, Australia, and Belgium.  She spent 2 years working with Tennis Australia helping them to develop the program for their country.


Michele has developed Cardio Tennis Kids, Supersize Cardio Tennis and TRX Cardio Tennis. Cardio Tennis was featured on NBC’s the Biggest Loser under Michele’s guidance with Anna Kournakova and she secured Anna as the Cardio Tennis spokesperson.


Michele is a USPTA and PTR tennis professional who managed tennis facilities throughout the US for over 16 years. She is formally educated in TRX Suspension Training and is a Certified Ignite 360 (Combine 360) Trainer. Michele received the TIA/PTR Industry Excellence award on 2012. Michele continuously strives to improve the Cardio Tennis experience for both the tennis professional and the consumer.




Michele Krause

Honorary Member


Bradenton, FL



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