Norbert Lienhard Jr.


Norbert (Norb) has been a high school tennis coach since 1993. He coaches both the boys and girls tennis teams for Jim Thorpe Area School District.

Norb started playing tennis as a senior in high school when his gym teacher took him to the courts in town and showed him the basics. He fell in love with the game and continues to be very passionate in the way he coaches the game.


Norb is married and has 2 sons. He has lived in Jim Thorpe his whole life, loving the small town life.

In addition to his MTM certification Norb is a member of the PTR, the USRSA, and holds certificates in Sports First Aid,
Coaching Principles, Sports Safety International Cardiac Wise 2.0 and Sports Safety International Concussion Wise Pro.


Norb first got interested in Oscar Wegner's MTM by viewing a few of his YouTube videos. "The ease of how he taught tennis and how fast his students pick the game up is what got me interested in learning and teaching his technique. I was also impressed with the way he used people that were new to the game to prove how easy it is to teach the game of tennis. Since I started using MTM my teams have been improving at a much faster rate. I wanted to make sure I was teaching MTM properly so this is why I got certified in the MTM method!"



Norbert Lienhard Jr.

MTM Tennis Professional


Jim Thorpe, PA



[email protected]