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Welcome to the only tennis teaching program of its kind, designed by Oscar Wegner himself to study and master his Modern Tennis Methodology™.  No other course of instruction being offered on the internet, in clubs or by individuals has been officially designed by Oscar or carries his seal of approval, and only officially MTM Certified Coaches are recognized by Oscar. 


If you are new to coaching or have been previously trained by other tennis-teaching styles, systems or organizations, MTM-U is the place to start on a new journey of discovery in Modern Tennis Methodology.


Continuing education courses for coaches who are already MTM-certified can be found HERE.




COMMON TENNIS MISCONCEPTIONS                                         Access Here

Discover the myths that have held players back for decades. Additionally, there are several articles, video clips and tennis tips featuring Oscar on the internet and at  WARNING: only materials which feature Oscar himself qualify as study materials for MTM-U courses.  If you are uncertain about the validity of any source material you may check its authenticity by e-mailing Oscar directly HERE


MTM QUIZ                                                                                        Access Here

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Modern Tennis Methodology and help you understand how the pros play the game and how MTM techniques can be duplicated by any level player.  This quiz is free to the public.



PLAY LIKE THE PROS-INTRODUCTORY CLINIC                          Inquire Here

This 90-minute clinic will familiarize participants with the fundamentals of MTM and give them basic tools for practicing MTM on their own time.

PLAY LIKE THE PROS-COMPLETE COURSE                                Inquire Here

This course will focus on 5 different areas of the modern game, giving the student a thorough knowledge of Modern Tennis Methodology techniques. 


(also see "Common Tennis Misconceptions", above)


MTM BASIC EXAM                                                                           Register Here

This is the entry-level certification exam which will test your understanding of the fundamental precepts of Modern Tennis Methodology.  The recommended course of study for this exam is a thorough review and on-court practice of Oscar Wegner’s book, PLAY BETTER TENNIS IN 2 HOURS, and his 3 video series, THE CLASSICS, INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED PACKAGE and TENNIS INTO THE FUTURE.  These materials are available at


MTM ADVANCED CERTIFICATION LEVELS                                  Inquire Here

For coaches already MTM certified at Level 2 and Level 3, advanced certification upgrades are available. Advanced certification Level 2A (Advanced Tennis Teacher) will include successful completion of the Basic Clinician Course, while advaned certification Level 3A (Advanced Tennis Teaching Professional) comprises both the Basic Clinician Course and the MTM Specialty Clinics Course. To earn a Level 4 Clinician/Tester certification the candidate must work on court directly with Oscar Wegner or a qualified Level 4 MTM Professional in addition to passing the advanced certification upgrade courses described above.


NOTE: To become MTM certified you must join MTMCA in addition to taking the exam.  If you would like to take the Basic Exam without joining MTMCA, contact us directly. 

For more information on membership/certification levels CLICK HERE


The following courses are available to the general public interested in one-on-one training with Oscar himself: 



•Advanced/Professional (NTRP 5.0-6.0)

This course is designed for high-performance and open level tournament players as well as tennis-teaching professionals wishing to incorporate MTM into their personal teaching and playing style.  Upon successful completion of course student may apply for MTM Level 2 or 3 Certification (depending on teaching experience) and discount on MTMCA Membership.

Prerequisite: Current NTRP rating of 5.0-6.0, MTM, USPTA, PTR, ITF or other professional certification, or by permission of Instructor.

ELITE TRAINING PROGRAM                                                           Inquire Here

•High Performance

Every person is an individual with unique abilities and needs, and Oscar’s one-on-one coaching is designed to focus on the total player. Oscar simplifies the process, making the player feel comfortable, confident and natural as an athlete.   Addressing how the player performs physically as well as instinctively, Oscar’s Elite Training Program offers an unparalleled perspective on tennis instruction, maximizing the student’s innate potential.  Oscar offers a program unrivaled in the tennis industry, cultivating the player’s mastery of technique together with the ability to focus and gain a deeper understanding of how the being operates in tennis and in life.

Prerequisite: by permission of Instructor

INDIVIDUAL STUDIES                                                                    Inquire Here

•All Levels

This course enables the student to custom-design a program to meet educational and practice goals that cannot otherwise be accomplished through existing MTM-U courses.

Prerequisite: by permission of Instructor


If you would like to get acquainted on court with other Modern Tennis Methodology players and coaches in your area, you can add your name to our MTM ROSTER