Julio Munoz


A San Francisco native, Julio hit his first tennis ball at the age of 10. He hasn't put the racquet down since.

As an MTM and PTR certified Coach with a USTA rating of 5.0, Julio knows what it takes to get there, and can make it possible for his students.


Julio started out as a hitting partner for two advanced level high school players. They hit balls five times a week for two years working on different drills and strategies, winning San Francisco all-city championships. He then decided to coach a friend, which was a great decision as more friends were soon getting better and spread the word. He started to post ads on Craigslist offering to show what he could do. People were really enjoying his lessons and he knew this was his "gig". He is now a full-time tennis instructor.

Kids and adults alike have been very happy with his style of teaching, and he gets new players to start rallying in the first 20 minutes. He teaches the modern game of tennis, which means each shot will be hit with a great amount of topspin to land inside the court. Says Julio, "With my teaching style you will never worry about your footwork again and save your knees! Shots will feel more effortless than you have ever experienced before."


Julio Munoz

MTMCA Tennis Professional


San Francisco, CA



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