Joemichael Olfindo


Born and raised in Houston, Texas Joemichael is the proud son of Lennie and Majoe Olfindo.  He has been playing tennis since he was eight years old.  Joemichael played USTA Juniors and was ranked as high as #2 in the state of Texas and #150 nationally.  He played for the University of Texas at San Antonio from 2002-2006. 


Joemichael is currently a teaching pro at the Briar Club in Houston, Texas.  He became an MTM Tennis Professional in 2017.  His goal is to make it easier for his clients to learn tennis. 


About MTM Joemichael has this to say, "I learned about MTM from training with a touring player.  It has made teaching tennis to all ages simpler and more specific.  Oscar’s method is really different, but easier and more efficient than the traditional methods.  I still play competitively at a high level.  In all my 25 years of playing I understand now the importance of finding the ball and finishing it.  I encourage all passionate tennis players to learn his method."



Joemichael Olfindo

MTM Tennis Professional


Houston, TX



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