Anil Ozer


Anil is a Sophomore majoring in Linguistics at Bogazici University in Istanbul. He started playing tennis at age 12.


Anil attended South Kent School in Connecticut for his Junior and Senior years, where he played varsity singles and captained his team.


Anil currently competes in 18+ Regional and Intercollegiate Tournaments for Bogazici University. He describes his introduction to MTM this way:


"While watching videos online to improve my game, I became acquainted with Coach Wegner and his MTM. Even though my game wasn't conventional at all, I observed immediate improvements in my game when I tried out his 'find-feel-finish' principles. After these initial experiences, I've never looked back. I've watched and bought all of Oscar's videos and read his books. I have been a huge fan of his MTM since then.


After introducing my teammates to MTM (even though some of them were doing it but didn't know consciously), it makes great sense to them as well.


Rather than just hitting the ball, I feel like I'm connecting or interacting with it through MTM."


Anil Ozer

MTMCA Tennis Apprentice


Istanbul, Turkey



[email protected]


Bogazici University Tennis