As a benefit of MTMCA Membership, MTM Certified Coaches are entitled to a

DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP to SportsProsConnect. provides coach pages, tennis club websites, online court booking systems and sells tennis holidays to

La Manga Resort and Barcelona Tennis Academy.


Started by by Ralph Wylam in 1999 as, SportsProsConnect was taken over by Ralph's son Mark after his father's pasing in 2015. The family-run business is now continued by Mark and Michelle Wylam, who have produced continual growth during the ensuing years.


The website has gone through its third transformation to better serve coaches, academies and travel companies for all sports all over the world.  Mark and Michelle are delighted to offer the site to the world with the aim of connecting coaches and players of all sports with Academies and Resorts globally.


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Many MTM-certified coaches utilize the services of SportsProsConnect, including Oscar Wegner, Susan Nardi, Philippe Matta, Wan Rahman, Danniel Ruyange, Alex Berghaus, Andrew Mah, Lucile Bosche´, Bill Patton, Chad Baron, Eleonora Calderaro, Eric Matthewson, Jacqueline Yip, Jun Juachon, Ken Dehart, Michele Krause, Nick Jacues, Mila Horak


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