Dany Van Der Rieten


As Oscar's personal representative for the European Union Dany has received the highest degree of direct training from him to bring MTM to his students.  Dany also trains and certifies MTM coaches in Europe.  He is Co-Founder of Modern Tennis Europe.  Says Dany , “As a tennis coach I was looking for a better and easier way to make the game I love so much more easy for my pupils, buying a lot of books, traveling around the world, visiting great academies and still there was always one book and one coach who always came back in my mind, Oscar Wegner. After meeting Oscar several times in the U.S.A., U.K. and having him as a guest in my home when he visited Belgium, he became not only a very dear friend but also my mentor.”


I'm a pretty experienced tennis player and always open to new techniques/methodes.  I was inspired by the DVD's of Oskar Wegner, in which he explaines the simplicity. Doing it by myself wasn’t really working out, so I visited Dany van der Rieten in Belgium.   He gave me a 3 hour speed course on MTM, in which we really went back to the MTM basics: the hand is the boss of any action. It felt really strange in the beginning because I wasn't used to it and because of its simplicity. At home I practized the excercises Dany showed me and the magic happened: My topspin forehand and backhand were flying off. I had incredible feel of the ball and control which boosted my confidence enormously.  When I hit rallies, 20 exchanges at top speed, I sometimes can't believe what I'm doing: Wow, what a power and control. It has never felt this great and I've JUST STARTED”.


Chris T. -  Heemstede, Netherlands


Dany Van Der Rieten

MTM Tennis Pro/Tester


Antwerp, Belgium



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