Matt Whitehead


Matt started playing at age 7 and began teaching private lessons at 14 in Stamford CT, before teaching at a local YMCA and then at age 16 at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, NY. From an early age he split time between his passion (basketball) and his gift (tennis) before matriculating to Yale University. At Yale Matt was a 4-year starter on the basketball team and played tennis his freshmen year, although he continued to teach each summer, except his junior year when he was selected by Athletes in Action to represent the USA on a tour to Russia and Yugoslavia.

With his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, he worked in several countries for a global consulting firm and as an entrepreneur before reconnecting with the tennis scene in 2009, as a player, coach and mentor. Highlights include:

  • Trained with Oscar Wegner, one of the pioneers of modern tennis and former coach of Gustavo (Gugga) Kuerten (Hall of Famer and 3-time French Open Champion). Featured in one of his most highly viewed YouTube video segments.

  • Regularly plays against the top players locally and Nationally;

    • ended 2014 with a USTA National #4 ranking in the 40s singles

    • played #1 doubles at Sectionals on the 2015 Mountaingate 5.0+ team

    • is currently nationally ranked top 15 in 50s singles and top 10 in doubles.

  • An alternate on the 2015 USA Trabert Cup Team.

  • Chaperoned, worked out with and warmed up Collin Altamirano at the year starting Futures in 2013, the year he got his first ATP point, won Kalamazoo as the first ever unseeded player and later played #22 seed Phiilipp Kohlschreiber in the US Open. He is a star on the 2-time defending NCAA championship Virginia Cavaliers team.

  • Hosted and provided video analysis and feedback for current upcoming tour player Sekou Bangoura (#232 in the world) who he met after playing him in the Del Rey Beach ATP Wild Card event.

  • Coaches a local junior protégé for 3+ years.

In addition to being a lifelong fitness enthusiast himself, he has cross trained athletes in other sports and employs strength and conditioning, movement and balance elements into his drilling for all levels. For tournament juniors and advanced players he even incorporates video analysis along with tactical and point construction strategies in an effort to facilitate the enjoyment and accelerate the improvement process in the game he’s passionate about and loves giving back to.


Matt coaches at the Paseo Club in Valencia, CA.


When asked how he discovered MTM Matt had this to say:


How I discovered Oscar and MTM?

"I had been a fairly good junior and started teaching even before I entered high school so I learned and taught the “Old School Way,”-- I guess you could say it was deeply ingrained in me and my game. Then after about 20 years of essentially not even picking up a racket due to a number of factors, I decided to share the game with my 2 kids who were 7-9 years old. Long story a little less long, I decided to play a tournament to show my son what competitive play and tournaments was all about. So I entered (mind you as my first tourney or competitive play in 20 years) a Wildcard event for a Challenger event in South America that was being played not far from me in South Florida. I won my first round match against an 18 or 19 year old by employing my old serve & volley, chip and charge aggressive approach that had worked so well all my life as a 6’4” athletic D1 college basketball player. Cutting to the chase, the next match was against the #1 seed, a guy I would later find out was #368 in the world. In warm ups I couldn’t even get the ball back as he hit a type of ball I had never experienced, in that it exploded upon hitting the ground. Needless to say I was trounced and it was an eye-opening experience..but I realized right then (in fact before warm-ups was over) that I wanted to learn this “new tennis”!

I began looking up info on this “new game” and how to hit the ball so it would do what I had encountered. I can’t remember exactly how I found Oscar’s videos but when I did I immediately started watching and employing the different techniques as I was in the midst of going from not playing for decades to playing local and national age group tournaments. I had some pretty good success but knew that if I had the chance to work directly with Oscar I would; so I reached out to him and to my surprise he was travelling to where I was within the next few weeks so I set up to meet with him. And from there, we developed a great working relationship, he helped me attain a #4 national year-end ranking in the M40s a year after we started and worked with one of my promising juniors who is well on his way."

How it has worked for my game?

"Upon fully understanding the ins and outs my play and results were solidified. Not only do I once again love the sport but I am playing the best I ever have and am able to impart that love and wisdom to my students."

How it has worked for my students?

"In my lessons it is fairly easy to de-mystify the complexity of the game using the MTM approach, which speeds their development and enjoyment. I have on many occasions lent the DVD’s and books (yes plural on both) to various students. I even use some of the different tools like the Muscle Memory board not only as a way to perfect the correct swing path but with more advanced tournament playing students as a tool for creating explosive power."



Matt Whitehead

MTMCA Tennis Professional


Valencia, CA



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