Elbow Ease


"Nice product - very well designed. It's easy to use but hard to open the hand. It is obvious that if I used it often my hand would get stronger. A stronger hand will yield more power in tennis, while a looser grip will ssist in accelerating the racket for what I like to call the "whip effect". Together they will increase a player's ability to perform with more racket head speed and power."


-Oscar Wegner


MTM Coaches know there are 4 major factors causing tennis elbow in players:


Do YOU know what they are?




Don't Let Elbow Pain Ruin Your Lifestyle. You can try arm bands or arm sleeves but they only mask your pain. Elbow Ease works through exercise. Elbow Ease Is a silicone exercise band that not only gets rid of your elbow pain but can also strengthen your grip. IT WORKS.


MTM Certified Coaches are entitled to a 20% DISCOUNT.



5-star Reviews!


"I considered going for surgery but then I found this product online and within 2 days my elbow pain/discomfort was gone. Now on 5th day using this and I feel new again! I'm still cautious to lift weights again for a few more weeks.

If this was lost I would buy again, the only other thing is, if you have large fingers and then give this to someone with smaller/little fingers, it won't be as elastic for them. I highly recommend this product if you have tennis or golfers elbow.


"Started out with some minor pain outside of the elbow and sometimes in the forearm when gripping. Tried some Tiger balm and forearm exercises which helped a bit. Didn't feel lasting relief until I picked up an Elbow Ease! Great simple product which actually works and is also easy to use. I found being able to take this and use it anywhere really helped me strengthen and improve my condition."


"I developed severe tennis elbow resulting from hammering while I was building a massive deck for my neighbor. It was so bad I couldn't lift a cup of coffee without pain. A friend handed me one of these things and I was skeptical to say the least but this funny little contraption thing worked! Don't hesitate to try it, it's well worth the loss of pain!"



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